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Reveal Cabinetry Lighting: Colors and Types We use

Updated: Jun 14, 2023


Dear Kelvin,

You are the light of my life, the bright sun shining upon my hair and the warm, glowing flames of a campfire. You can be warm like sitting by the fireplace in winter, but you can also be as cold and sterile as the halls of a hospital.

No. The Kelvin I am referring to is prince (or princess) charming. Kelvin is a unit of measure for the temperature appearance of a light bulb. Kelvins (K *not to be confused with Potassium*) are measured in degrees on a scale of 1,000-10,000. Most homes or commercial buildings use a range between 2,000-6500K. 2,000 is a very warm, candlelight color with a yellow/red-orange undertone while 6,500 is a colder, daylight/overcast or florescent color with a blue undertone.

google image

At Reveal, we offer two lighting color options: Warm 3,000K and Cool 5,000K. We Recommend certain colors dependent on the desired look and feel of your space. Notice how both kitchens to the left are white but have a very different aesthetic to them? The construction style plays a significant part in the differences, but the lighting definitely gives them different moods. The top image utilizes warm 3000K lighting while the bottom utilizes cool 5000K lighting.

3000K Lighting Examples:

5000K Lighting Examples:

Types of Lighting

Reveal utilizes 2 lighting types: Strip and Puck.

See the image to the right ---->

This image shows the use of both strip lighting (to the left) and puck lighting (to the right). Strip lighting gives an even distribution of light across the surface with a 'glowing' effect while puck lights act as little 'spotlights'. Depending on the overall effect you want to achieve, either of these lighting choices would definitely make a statement in your home.

Our puck and strip lighting is integrated into the bottom of our cabinets as well! Say goodbye to those 2" tall cassettes that stick out dramatically and hello to sleek, clean design.

There are occasions when the lighting is placed on the sides of the cabinet or act as a glow for glass shelving. The possibilities

are endless!

Puck Light Applications

Notice the glass upper cabinets with the glass shelves. The puck lighting is hidden at the top of the cabinet! Its light acts as a glowing spotlight from above and shines down on top of the glass shelves through to the bottom of the cabinet. Notice the concentration of light at the top that becomes even the further down into the cabinet it goes?

This image shows another puck light (and strip light in the back) application around the cooking range. The light casts a spot shadow along the wall as the lighting fans across the surface below.

Strip Lighting Applications

In all strip light applications, there is an even distribution of light from the actual strip itself to where it hits. Bringing the light to the front of a cabinet gives a different effect than if it's applied from the back. It's all about the shadow casting desired to give off a beautiful glow.


Lighting is so very important in your space. It can really make a statement or really hide what you want to stand out. When designing your cabinetry, speak with your Reveal designer about lighting placement, and they will work with you to achieve your desired look.

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