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The Art of Measuring

Image Credit: Reveal Cabinet

The Antici.......pation!!!

Photo Credit: Reveal Cabinetry

You’re excited and ready to begin your remodel! You spent hours scouring Pinterest (and Reveal's website of course #shamelessplug ) for the latest design trends, best custom options available, and are ready to meet with a designer to make your dreams a reality. Did you forget your measurements? Many clients do not realize bringing those measurements is an essential part of beginning your design and quoting process. Be better prepared when you are starting your project by following these measuring tips to make the whole process easier!

Let's Get Started

Be sure to have your supplies ready when you begin measuring your space. You will need paper (I like to use graphing paper but any is fine), something to write with, a measuring tape, and a camera (your phone).

Image Credit to Lezlie Burris

Draw and Outline of your Space

Mark general locations of any openings or obstructions: windows, doors, beams, if you want an island, etc. Then, add the general location of where your appliances and sink will go.

Photo Credit to Lezlie Burris

Be sure to take pictures of each wall and closer shots of obstructions. This can help you see anything that may be important to include in your measurements. Also, be sure to show them to your designer.

Let's Get Measuring!

Image Credit to Reveal Cabinet by Lezlie Burris

Grab your tape measure and measure the full width of each wall – corner to corner. Ask a friend to help. Notate the measurement on your drawing for the wall being measured. I like to start on a corner and work my way down the wall: Corner to the window/door/obstruction, width of the obstruction (windows and doors should be trim to trim), the other side of the obstruction to the next obstruction or wall end. Be sure to take pictures of every wall so your design team can see what you see. Once you finish your measurements and picture taking, bring your measurements to your design inspire meeting or email the information to your designer!

How to Read a Tape Measure:

Tape measures are made up of various line segments to help determine the length or distance of an object. The large lines with the numbers indicate the whole inch (1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch...). Between those segments are notations to help determine the space between numbers.

When determining the appropriate measurement, your varied sized marks will help quickly determine the measurement you are reading.

New Construction Homes

What if you are building your dream home or office? How do you measure that? Great news! Your job is even easier. Bring a copy or email your designer a PDF of you plans (be sure it has a plan view of the layout!) along with some inspirational photos and a list of ‘wants and must-haves’. You’re done! So easy.

You're Ready to Get Started!

Now that you have your measurements, photos, and inspiration photos, you are ready to being your quoting process leading to the fun part: DESIGN!!! Don’t worry! Once the project is ready, a Reveal professional will schedule a time to professionally measure the space to make sure nothing is missed and give you piece of mind. Are you ready to get started?

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